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Friday, September 9, 2011

Bad Hair Days...

With Vivian's longer locks of hair... bad hair days are going to come with the territory.  She has her fair share, a quick barrette on one side doesn't really cut it anymore...

She's not always willing to sit down and let you do a good set of pig tails, it might seem ok, until you turn her around and it may look like this.   
These days she's getting a lot of ponytails... and cookie bribes to sit still.  And then there is a good old stand-by that shows off her waves and curls, and not all days are bad hair days. 
And I originally posted this without including the worst hair of them all.  The style called "A 4 year old takes kid scissors to his own head".  Also known as "thank goodness he's a boy and we could just shave it off and he's ok because he didn't do it to his sister".

Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Baby loves Babies...

On our big trip we had the chance to meet many of our friends new babies, I'll give them all a proper introduction soon... but I had to quickly put up a few pictures of my baby, Vivian... loving on all the babies.  I thought she might be a little jealous, but she wasn't at all.  In fact, she showed quite a little maternal instinct. 
In Arlington Heights on a play date.  Vivian hijacked Baby Avery Brown's play mat with her baby doll.
When I was holding Baby Ben Hager... Miss Vivian couldn't get enough.
We finally let Vivian hold Baby Ben
And she was in love.
One of the twins, Samantha Butcher.  Vivian couldn't wait to get her hands on those babies!
Sweet Cecilia Funk was cozy in her sling, but it didn't stop Vivian from checking in to be sure she was doing ok.
I loved seeing my little girl love on all these babies... but I was also a little sad because it made me realize she's not really a baby herself anymore!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Movie nights...

What is a vacation and visiting with cousins and friends if you don't have a few movie and popcorn dates before bed?  A great way to wind down my little busy bodies after a big day of playing hard!
With the Ramsey cousins in Normal, IL... Jack, Brady, Kylie and Logan.  Viv was already asleep. 
Maple Grove, MN -visiting the Hagers - Braden, Vivian and Jack
Homewood, IL - Braden, cousin Raina and Vivian

Thursday, September 1, 2011


24 days.
60 hours in the car.
183.3 gallons of gas.
480 pictures.
3889 miles.

A memorable trip to see family and friends... PRICELESS.

We got back almost a week ago.  I'm just starting to get back into a routine.  While the trip was long, (I hit a few days of exhaustion the beginning of the second half), it was totally worth it.  We got to see many friends, spend a lot of time with family, and I have stories and pictures to prove it. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On a 3 (plus) week tour...

I have loads and loads to share about this summer.  We've been busy and I can't believe it's already August.  In just a few short hours I'm leaving for a 3.5 week tour of the north with stops in Bloomington, IL - Homewood/Chicago - Maple Grove, MN.  I have a lot of pictures so maybe I'll have time to update (or rather, catch up).  I'm looking forward to meeting new babies, spending time with family and friends... but Chad's not able to meet us at all.  It's the longest stretch since I'm taking both kids with me!  He's excited to enjoy A LOT of alone time, sleeping in, doing things around the house, watching movies.  But he'll miss us, right?  :) 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

T2 at 22

Name:  Vivian Irene Ramsey
Age:  22 months
Appearance: Light brown hair with golden highlights and big curls, beautiful blue eyes, average height and weight, legs still maintain a decent amount of adorable baby chunk.
Interests: Playing with her big brother, taking care of her baby dolls, dancing, jumping on the trampoline, snuggling with her mama, snacking throughout the day, coloring, Mickey Mouse and Dora.
Problem Identified:  T2 and 22 (Terrible Twos strike at 22 months)
Solution:  There is none, but some things can make things more tolerable, or so I thought.  When Braden hit this, it was defiance, tantrums when we left a park, running out of time out, etc.  It took a bit of time and wasn't always easy, but I learned that being consistent with consequences, followed by redirection to another activity would ultimately end current terrible two fit. Problem solved.

 However, Miss Vivian has provided her mother with a problem. 

There are not major tantrums... and she is not defiant... she is actually easy and most of the time and quite pleasant. 
Until recently. 
Three weeks ago we blamed it on the two year molars coming in.
 Last week we blamed it on the fever she had. 
This week it occurred to me.
The constant crying for no reason...
When crying, nothing can redirect her attention...
Whining has hit an all time high in the Ramsey house...
Miss Independent, will reject a yogurt (that she asked for) if I have taken the lid off, but will happily accept same yogurt if I put the lid back on and let her do it herself.  (This actually isn't anything new, but she's taking it to a whole new level).

So I'm not sure if I prefer the more frequent (but quickly diffused) tantrums, or the less frequent (longer, much longer, drawn out, drama filled with fake crying and everything) episodes. 

To be continued...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Kind of Town...

The first weekend in May, Vivian and I packed up and flew to Chicago for a long weekend (Wednesday through Sunday).  The reason for the trip... my very good friend Lisa was getting married! 
I brought Vivian with me while she is young enough to fly free and sit on my lap, and because she had not seen my mom, uncle or sister since September, when we were last in town.  I was thrilled to spend my time there staying at Staci's home with her little boy, Aidan (4 weeks older than Vivian), and before she welcomes twin girls this summer.  Vivian and Aidan played Wednesday night and got reacquainted.  

My mom came to get her on Thursday morning and brought her to Homewood.  I was happy that Vivian had a great time there visiting with Grandma Carole, Uncle Jimmy, Auntie Lou and her older cousin, Raina.  My mom said Raina and Vivian played their hearts out and got along amazing and had such a good time together. 

After the kids were gone, Staci and I met the bride-to-be and a few friends for manicures/pedicures and a nice lunch downtown.  Thursday night, I was go glad to be able to stop by the Brown's new home and meet their new baby (just born 4 days earlier!).  After that, met for dinner with good friend, Melissa and had a long, overdue catch up.  It was a great night. 

Avery Olivia... precious.

The wedding was Friday, and with no kids in the house, Staci and I actually slept in (you do know that the new "sleeping in" these days means 9:00, right?)  We made it to the church on time to see Lisa and Mike get married, it was perfect and gorgeous, and truly you could feel the excitement and see how much these two people care about each other. 
Lisa is always beautiful and put together, but on this special day, she was breathtaking... flawless.


 The reception was at the Columbia Yacht Club, where Mike is a member and where he proposed to Lisa. Such a unique spot, on Lake Michigan and gorgeous views from every direction.

Melissa and I sending a "space hug and hands on her belly" love to Katie, since she was in Minnesota and was just a few weeks away from having her second baby boy!!!
Lisa with some Tri Delta/Chicago girl love.

What a great opportunity to celebrate two loving people, and spend time with some of my favorite people in the whole world!  Another huge congratulations to Lisa and Mike!

But the weekend wasn't over... Staci and I got our children back Saturday and they played... we shopped... kids went to sleep... we talked... we relaxed.  Usually when I'm in Chicago it's so go-go, going a million miles to try and see everyone and do everything.  This was so nice having no where to be, and since Staci's life is going from 1 to 3, it was great to have a little time with her all to myself! 

 And these two munchkins... I can't tell you how many times we saying, "aren't they cute? stop it... they cannot be this cute!"

Some love on the baby belly... because next time I'm in town, those two little girls will be here.  I'm ready for newborn snuggles... times two!

Go Team Colorado!

This spring, Braden wrapped up his second season of soccer.  He was part of team Colorado and had so much fun.  The boys all improved by season's end and they worked really hard!

Taking a water break with sissy... it's hot out there!

For the end of season celebration we met at a Cinco Ranch neighborhood park and picnic area.  Here is Brady with his buddy Henry (who he is also playing baseball with this summer) admiring the view.  Later they would all hit the waterfront and visit with ducks, a crane and I think some geese.
Here is the team... it's impossible to get this many four year olds to sit still... and look at the camera at the same time. 
Braden getting his participation trophy from his coaches... thanks to Coach Andy and Coach Chad!
So proud of his trophy!!! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

April in Review

I have so much to share and really need to get to it... in the meantime, here is a glimpse into our life this April.   
Braden is playing soccer again... and still loving it.  While Chad would say it's still like herding cats (which Chad informs me... you can't herd cats), I can see a huge improvement from the last 6 months.  Not just Braden... but the way the team plays overall.  Every game he says he wants to score 10 goals, while that hasn't happened, he has contributed, even scoring 3 goals in one game!
Chad is co-coaching this year.  It's added a fun dynamic!
Relaxing and Fishing
This is 1 of 10 fish (and one turtle) that they caught this day!
Vivian exploring, posing for pictures and having a snack while the boys fish.
We got a slip and slide...
He loves it
An Easter Egg Hunt with our neighbors
Vivian asking Dad where the chocolate inside went... it's probably all over her face.
There has been a lot of jumping on the trampoline.  Miss Vivian has figured it out.
Braden's a pro...
Uncle Keith and Aunt Casse came for a visit
Uncle Keith and Braden played some baseball
Some quality time
Vivian must think she's a model, posing all these sassy looks for Aunt Casse.
We've spent a lot of time on the swings
And acting goofy on the swings.

It was a great month... FANTASTIC weather.  Many impromptu get togethers/BBQs with the neighbors, a trip to Dallas for the McIntosh wedding, and a trip to Austin... which prompts me to share a story. 

The day before we left for Austin, Chad and I kept telling Brady with a lot of enthusiam... "We're going to Austin tomorrow!!!"  He was equally excited.  I was a little surprised, but thought he was just feeding off our energy.  I drove up with the kids separate because Chad and work things to do and we would only be staying one night.  As we drive into the city, I exclaim "Braden...we're in Austin!!!".  
And then he says, "But Mom, I don't see his palace, where is it?"
I'm confused... don't see who? what?
Then it hits me.
When we said we were going to see Austin, our sweet boy thought we were going to visit this guy... 
Austin from The Backyardigans. 
It broke my heart.  Of course he would make that connection.  Shame on me for not.  But kids are resilant and forgiving.  Instead I told him we were going to our own "palace", (aka, the Marriott), and our little guy was just fine.