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Friday, September 9, 2011

Bad Hair Days...

With Vivian's longer locks of hair... bad hair days are going to come with the territory.  She has her fair share, a quick barrette on one side doesn't really cut it anymore...

She's not always willing to sit down and let you do a good set of pig tails, it might seem ok, until you turn her around and it may look like this.   
These days she's getting a lot of ponytails... and cookie bribes to sit still.  And then there is a good old stand-by that shows off her waves and curls, and not all days are bad hair days. 
And I originally posted this without including the worst hair of them all.  The style called "A 4 year old takes kid scissors to his own head".  Also known as "thank goodness he's a boy and we could just shave it off and he's ok because he didn't do it to his sister".

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